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So Ember’s Alien Friend Dropped by to Visit

Last night, as Ember was taking care of last minute things before bed, an old friend that she’d met back in Hidden Springs dropped by to visit. He’s a rather unique friend that happens to be an alien by the name of Kexavu Ewi Bip. He often visited Hidden Springs to study the healing waters there and the interesting weather phenomena that produced so many rainbows. Ember’s castle just so happened to be positioned near the end of one of them. It was actually one of Kexavu’s devices that helped Ember move the entire castle grounds to it’s new location here in Wicklow. However, he had never been allowed enough time to see the inside of the castle. That all changed when he arrived tonight just in time to catch Ember while she was still awake. (Normally when he arrived to check up on her, she’s already gone to bed with a busy schedule of her own to keep.)

Ember was absolutely thrilled to catch up with him in person, and even more thrilled to finally invite him inside to see how far she’d come with renovating this old castle.


Kexavu was quite impressed both by the collection of small animals she had inside (especially the yellow python) as well as the authentic Ancient World incense she acquired for her home in one of her trips to Egypt.

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