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Enter the Mystery Man – Part 2

Last time on this story, Ember had found a collapsed young man while taking care of a neighbor’s farmhouse while the neighbor was out of town. Feeling there was something quite unusual about his case, she opted to bring him back to the castle rather than take him to the hospital.

Back at the castle, she had laid him on her bed, after much heaving and tugging to get him there. Then she had given him an ancient remedy potion she had discovered on one of her trips to Egypt. She had settled on the bed to read while waiting for him to come around only to fall asleep herself.

We had left off with the two of them asleep together int he same bed. Two total strangers laid together almost like lovers as the mystery fellow slowly recovered from whatever had left him unconscious in the field at the farmhouse in the first place.

Now, we continue our tale.



Ember awoke to find the mystery guy sitting beside her on the bed staring at her with a troubled expression. The windows told her that night had fallen long ago. She should have felt anxious waking to find this stranger sitting as he did, leaning so close. Yet, something about him made her feel oddly safe, even when there was a look of inner torment in his eyes. Those eyes were so oddly colored, part white, part amber. they looked like the eyes of a corpse that were starting to glaze over then stopped in transition to clear up just enough to see through. His skin still looked just as corpse-like with purple veins faintly splaying around his eyelids. Yet, he was quite alive and now awake looking at her as though lost with some sort of war going on inside him.

These thoughts passed through her mind in quick succession. She blinked then spoke as a warm feeling of relief filled her, “Hey. Look at you, you came around finally. I was so worried you weren’t going to make it, even after I worked so hard to drag you back here.”

The stranger frowned slightly, “You’re too kind of a person, taking in someone you don’t know. ”

“I had, and still have, a feeling that you’re not the kind of guy to hurt a lady. My gut is rarely wrong, and I’ve been to some strange places and seen some things even stranger than you are. Besides, I have a dungeon cell in this castle I can throw you in if you decide to be a dumb ass and pull something stupid. I’m not at all defenseless, you know,” she responded with a gentle grin.

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Enter the Mystery Man – Part 1

It was raining hard one summer day when Ember went on an errand to take care of things at the Brown family farm while the family was out of town on vacation. She didn’t mind the break in her routine, though as it was nice to get out and do something different for a change.


By the time Ember finished the chores inside the Brown house, the rain was really starting to pour down. She felt rather guilty for Cap Morgan and Full Immersion being out at pasture in this deluge. But they were horses and the rain was a relief from the summer heat. They would all be fine. Ember, on the other hand, felt a bit like a drowned rat out in this mess though.

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