Site Tidying and New Horse Listings

I’ve gone through the site and done a bit of re-organizing and tidying up. The Downloads section that use to be all on one page has been properly split up into sectional pages (ie. Breed Templates, Lots).

Under the Resident Horses sections, the current stable roster has been updated to include the missing TLS Brandywine along with several new faces.

  • BWS Bonfire Tale (Morgan Rouncey)
  • TLS Pashmina (Egyptian Arab Courser)
  • TLS Greys Anatomy (Donkey)

Coming soon will be the release of my Project Donkey Kit which will contain a copy Greys Anatomy as the template Donkey as well as a collection of Donkey Coats and a listing of links to all the CC parts one will need to build their own donkeys.


That’s Sir Turtle’s giant butt photo-bombing the washroom pic. XD Greys Anatomy looks unusually tall here cause of the odd camera angle. He’s also since been resized a bit more to make him a proper ordinary donkey height. Cause I’m an OCD Perfectionist. 😛

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