Donkey Kit is Live

After a month of working on this project, I am proud to say that the Donkey Kit is now live and ready for Download. All the pieces you need to build your own donkeys are listed on the kit page. A collection of base coats has been provided as a separate download. Also, you will find several sections with informative information about donkeys and how to breed what you’re looking for, including crossbreeding Mules and how the color genes work with this equine.

Donkey Template V1

You’ll find you base template donkey tacked in EA Pets standard gear and sporting the Slate version of the Donkey coat collection. Also, the size of this donkey is set to Standard Donkey size. Should you desire the tall American Mammoth or the tiny Minis, you get to re-size to those heights yourself.

You will find this kit in the Downloads section under Donkey Kit. :3 Enjoy!


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