All Horse Profiles Completed

Hurray! After several days of endless work in and outside of sims, the six profiles of the horses currently registered at Torch Light Stables are up and correctly assigned to their proper Renaissance categories. It took many long hours of editting, templating, posing the horses in numerous settings to get the right look. A ton of sliders got added along with a bunch more public CC horse coats, markings, poses, and furniture. Though the profiles still lack one or two bits of information, that which is missing will get added as soon as I am able.

Stay tuned as I’m working on several posts in the draft room that will announce estate expansions as well as introduce Photo Journal story blogging. The first will tell the story of a typical evening for Ember and Turtle here at Torch Light Stables.

Also, I will be working on finding a way to start adding some of my own custom-built lots and stuff to the site so that others may make use of my shareable stuff. I just have to learn which files to do what to on that one. lol Endless learning curves with all this Sims Equestrian stuff. XD But I love it else I wouldn’t be doing it.


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