TLS Cap Morgan

Show Name: TLS Cap Morgan
Barn Name: Cap
Renaissance Type: Rouncy
Modern Breed: Morgan
Gender: Stallion
Age: 10 years
Size: 15hh
Color: Sooty Buckskin [EE/Aa/CRcr/STST]
Disciplines: Racing, Training for Jumping, Training for Halter

Profile Con - Cap Morgan Profile Move - Cap Morgan


Cap Morgan is both a player and way too smart for his own good. He absolutely adores attention, especially from cameras and ladies!! These qualities have lead to him photobombing at every opportunity and finding creative ways to sire two unplanned foals. Both unplanned offspring have, however, turned out to be prized horses in their own rights! 

Though he often plays at fraying the nerves of his stablemate, Sir Turtle, Cap is actually inseparable from the larger stallion. Though Turtle seems to insist on being dominant, the two are often found playing together amiably in the paddock.

Pedigree: Foundation
Offspring: 2

  • TLS Grace O’Malley [x Brandywine] – Filly
  • TLS Full Immersion [x TLS Fortune Quest] – Colt

Sim Stats

Traits: Brave, Fast, Genius, Friendly, Playful, Neat


Coat By: LittleV