TLS Sir Turtle

Show Name: 
TLS Sir Turtle
Barn Name: Turtle
Renaissance Type: Destrier
Modern Breed: Welsh D x Ardennais x Unknown
Gender: Stallion
Age: 7 years
Size: 17hh
Color: Flaxen Liver Chestnut Sabino
Disciplines: Driving, Hunter-Jumper, Cross Country, Halter, Training for Tilting

Profile Con - TLS Sir Turtle Profile 3Qtr - TLS Sir Turtle


Sir Turtle started out life as a typical farm horse used for plowing fields. However, he was purposefully sluggish at this work, which is how he got the name Turtle. When taken under saddle, it was discovered that he loves to explore and run obstacle courses of any kind! It was then that his name got changed up to Sir Turtle as he came with Ember on her early adventures. Now, he enjoys an active life as an all-around bomb-proof mount that shows at fairs, runs Hunter-Jumper shows, and is training for Tilting courses.

Pedagree: Foundation
Offspring: TLS Lord of the Dawn (x TLS Blue Dawn) – colt

Sim Stats

Jumping: 10
Racing: 10

Jumping Wins: 1 Beginner, 1 Advanced, 15 International
Racing Wins: 1 Beginner, 7 International
Cross-Country Wins: 1 Beginner


  • Jumping Star 
  • Tireless Jumper
  • Frequent Flyer
  • Long Distance Racer

RP Stats