The knight’s most prized war horses, usually reserved for tournaments where knights could show off their military prowess.

We are striving for quality with our Destrier Project and adhering to some strict guidelines. Horses of this type must be no more than 16 hands high and ground mountable by the rider. Horses must be stocky in build and fluid in movement. Their personality must be bombproof brave, intelligent, and obedient. They must be able to perform a wide variety of tasks including arena performance, hunt-jump, run cross-country and tilting courses, and work well in a unit. Mixed and crossbreeds are preferred for health reasons.

Horses with one or more of the following breed bloodlines are preferred to be present: Andalusian, Ardennais, Clydesdale, Dole, Drum Horse, Friesian, Georgia Grande, Murgese, Noriker, Percheron, Shire, Warlander, and Welsh Cob. The foundation stud, TLS Sir Turtle is Ardennais x Friesian x Welsh Cob.

Current Roster