TLS Full Immersion

Show Name: TLS Full Immersion
Barn Name: Ful-Im
Renaissance Type: Courser
Modern Breed: Danish Warmblood x Morgan
Gender: Stallion
Age: Adult
Size: 15hh
Color: Bay
Disciplines: In training for: Hunter-Jumper, Cross-Country, Halter

Profile Con - Full Immersion Profile Move - Full Immersion


His birth was a complete accident once again attesting to the incredible lengths of ingenuity his Houdini father will go to in order to win quality time with his lady love of the hour. Despite being an unplanned foal, Full Immersion is proving to have his father’s speed. Time will only tell if he can also bring his mother’s fluidity of flight to the table as well. This colt will go up for sale upon turning 3 and finishing his basic training.


Offspring: 0

Sim Stats

Traits: Neat, Brave, Fast, Friendly*

*Denotes a Trained Trait.

Jumping: 5
Racing: 10

Wins: 0

RP Stats