Resident Horses

Welcome to the barn! You’ll notice things are set up a little differently around here. Horses are listed according to their Old World types rather than by modern breeds. Each horse will have it’s modern equivalent listed in it’s profile, but very few studbooks clear-cut studbooks are followed at this stable. Why? Well, very few studbooks existed back int he day. Horses were breed for the needs of the day. Our horses compete in Renaissance sports just like their ancestors did!

Here’s where to look according to modern breeds.

  • Coursers– Light war horses for swift raids and scouting. [Ex. Arabian, Thoroughbred, Warmbloods]
  • Destriers – Most prized of knightly war chargers. 15-17hh [Ex. Andalusian, Friesian, Lipizzan, Lusitano]
  • Draughts – Farm horses and heavy driving horses.  [Ex. Clydesdale, Gypsy Tinker, Shire]
  • Palfreys – Gaited riding horses. [Ex. American Saddlebred, Paso Fino, Tennessee Walker]
  • Rouncys – Stocky riding and pack horses. [Ex. Mustang, Quarter Horse, Welsh Cob]

Possible future additions: Mules, Donkeys, and I may allow Unicorns under Fantasy under a very limited basis.