So Ember’s Alien Friend Dropped by to Visit

Last night, as Ember was taking care of last minute things before bed, an old friend that she’d met back in Hidden Springs dropped by to visit. He’s a rather unique friend that happens to be an alien by the name of Kexavu Ewi Bip. He often visited Hidden Springs to study the healing waters there and the interesting weather phenomena that produced so many rainbows. Ember’s castle just so happened to be positioned near the end of one of them. It was actually one of Kexavu’s devices that helped Ember move the entire castle grounds to it’s new location here in Wicklow. However, he had never been allowed enough time to see the inside of the castle. That all changed when he arrived tonight just in time to catch Ember while she was still awake. (Normally when he arrived to check up on her, she’s already gone to bed with a busy schedule of her own to keep.)

Ember was absolutely thrilled to catch up with him in person, and even more thrilled to finally invite him inside to see how far she’d come with renovating this old castle.


Kexavu was quite impressed both by the collection of small animals she had inside (especially the yellow python) as well as the authentic Ancient World incense she acquired for her home in one of her trips to Egypt.

Kexavu was all too happy to pose for a portrait by the Spirit Wall in the foyer. He agreed that he looked rather cool in this shot with the cool decor in the background.

Then the two friend stood around exchanging tales about their various adventures as fellow explorers. Ember told Kexavu about her latest trip to Egypt. Though she had told him much about her adventures there over the phone, this was the first time Kexavu got a chance to see some of the awesome things she had brought back from her trips. He was impressed beyond words while she told him how and where she acquired them. If only he could show and tell her so much about his own work! Alas, that would never be allowed.


All too soon, the fun had to come to an end as Kexavu’s time allowance here on Earth expired. He had to dash to his ship in order to catch up to the mother ship before it left for the homeworld!


It goes without saying, though, that he has a totally awesome ride in that sporty UFO of his! Ember was thrilled when the neighboring farmer showed up to share his pre-dawn photo of the alien ship just as it was leaving her castle! Ember thought the farmer’s awe was rather amusing. But then again, she could remember when she felt the same way when she first saw Kexavu and a team mate visiting Hidden Springs. Yet for all of his strangeness, Kexavu was proving to be a friend that she would always cherish having, no matter what the future might hold for him. It was no secret that Kexavu does all he can to stick close and treat her as an equal. They are both explorers of strange worlds with radically different technology levels after all!! The only difference is, she tries to bring the past back to life at her castle whereas Kexavu is stuck in the a rather starched field of science due to how his own culture works. It is that piece of his life that brings him to enjoy his friendship with Ember, and watch as she does wonders that he will never be allowed to do. (Even though he may sneak in a service or two to help her on occasion, like moving a giant and ancient castle from one region of the planet to another!)




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