Enter the Mystery Man – Part 1

It was raining hard one summer day when Ember went on an errand to take care of things at the Brown family farm while the family was out of town on vacation. She didn’t mind the break in her routine, though as it was nice to get out and do something different for a change.


By the time Ember finished the chores inside the Brown house, the rain was really starting to pour down. She felt rather guilty for Cap Morgan and Full Immersion being out at pasture in this deluge. But they were horses and the rain was a relief from the summer heat. They would all be fine. Ember, on the other hand, felt a bit like a drowned rat out in this mess though.


Ember headed out to the shed to make sure everything was in order there when she discovered something shocking. A stranger lay motionless in the grass just past the barn! This was not a good sight at all, especially in this weather!!


Ember reacted on pure instinct. Her heart pounding in her chest with fear for the person’s safety, she ran out to him.


The body belonged to a young man that looked about her age. Though the color of his skin made him look as though he’d been dead for days, his body moved easy when she rolled him onto his back. Quickly, she set about checking for a pulse.


She could find no pulse and his skin was as cold as a fis fillet ready for the frying pan. Yet, after a moment, he startled her when he twitched and made a faint grunting sound!

There was no doubt about it. He looked dead, but somehow, he was still alive enough to move and make a sound. She had to get him out of this field! The house wasn’t an option. She had no idea what she would be able to tell the neighbor about this! The only option was to try to get him to the truck!


Thank the gods for the strength buff effects of major adrenaline dumps! Ember barely managed to get the guy up and drag his listless body back to the truck parked back at the street.


Once in the truck, she wasted no time speeding off down the country road. They were a long way from the nearest hospital. Then as she drove, something inside her told her there was something about him that an ER doctor couldn’t see. MAybe it was all that time she spent on digs in Egypt, but there was just something not right about the whole situation. The only solution she could think of was to take him back to her castle. If he turned out to be a weirdo, she always had that dungeon she could drop his ass in. Yet Ember’s instincts had never been wrong. She just prayed she wasn’t to late to help this guy, whoever he was.


Back at the castle, even the horses knew something was very wrong. They all stood around anxiously watching and waiting as Ember dragged the stranger inside.


There was currently only one bed in the house, and it was hers. Thankfully, it was also close to the back door that she used to get the man inside in the first place. With much effort, Ember lugged him into the bedroom to the bedside.


After much heaving, tugging, and struggling, Ember finally got the young man’s body onto the bed. By this point, she was thoroughly exhausted from her efforts. Caring for horses required quite a bit of heavy lifting, but carting around a seemingly lifeless guy’s body was a whole new level of hard for a woman even in her shape.


After forcing a brew of an ancient medicine she had acquired in Egypt down his throat, Ember knew all she could do now was wait. She grabbed her copy of Tolkien’s Fellowship of the Rings. Then she sat down on the bed beside him and proceeded to read while she waited.


Over time, the medicine started to bring out tiny glimmers of progress in the stranger. He began to show movement without being prodded. His color improved slightly, and his face changed from that horrid corpse look to an expression that was rather serene. Ember felt herself relax finally as it became clear that he would pull through whatever mystery illness had taken him down so close to death in the first place.


Meanwhile, outside, a rainbow appeared, promising hope as Brady the gardener left for the day with a spring in his step. He was none the wiser as to the unusual events that had transpired that morning.


As time passed and the adrenaline wore off, Ember herself fell into a dose with the book in her lap.


As Ember fell into sleep, her body found a more comfortable position mirroring that of her guest. The book fell to lay forgotten on the floor.


Time passed and day turned into night as two total strangers came to lay together almost like sleeping lovers.


…. To Be Continued …



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