Skyborough Horse Park – 40 x 40 Community Lot (Horse Ranch) – DOWNLOAD ME

I was unhappy with the small training lot that came with Sims 3 Pets. So I built my own. Of course I built this like 6 months ago, but now that I’m back, I’ve gotten it ready to share.

Needs: Base Game + Pets




Stark Science Museum – 40 x 40 – Community Lot (Art Museum) – DOWNLOAD ME

Once my sims started collecting things, I realized I could REALLY use a science museum to showcase my Sim’s contributions as well as whatever other stuff might make cool exhibits. I named it after my favorite fictional science geek. XD Anyway, there are 3 floors of exhibit space, but I left the display areas bare for each person to configure how they want it. There are bathrooms on two different floors, gift shops and an eatery up front, and a formal dining hall on the second floor. The 3rd floor has space for a Curator’s Office, and the 4th floor houses a planetarium from where Sims may use several telescopes to explore the heavens. The roof also sports solar panels for clean energy and experimental use.

Needs: Base Game + World Adventures + Pets



1st Floor


2nd Floor


3rd Floor


4th Floor – Planetarium