Donkey Kit is Live

After a month of working on this project, I am proud to say that the Donkey Kit is now live and ready for Download. All the pieces you need to build your own donkeys are listed on the kit page. A collection of base coats has been provided as a separate download. Also, you will find several sections with informative information about donkeys and how to breed what you’re looking for, including crossbreeding Mules and how the color genes work with this equine.

Donkey Template V1

You’ll find you base template donkey tacked in EA Pets standard gear and sporting the Slate version of the Donkey coat collection. Also, the size of this donkey is set to Standard Donkey size. Should you desire the tall American Mammoth or the tiny Minis, you get to re-size to those heights yourself.

You will find this kit in the Downloads section under Donkey Kit. :3 Enjoy!


Site Tidying and New Horse Listings

I’ve gone through the site and done a bit of re-organizing and tidying up. The Downloads section that use to be all on one page has been properly split up into sectional pages (ie. Breed Templates, Lots).

Under the Resident Horses sections, the current stable roster has been updated to include the missing TLS Brandywine along with several new faces.

  • BWS Bonfire Tale (Morgan Rouncey)
  • TLS Pashmina (Egyptian Arab Courser)
  • TLS Greys Anatomy (Donkey)

Coming soon will be the release of my Project Donkey Kit which will contain a copy Greys Anatomy as the template Donkey as well as a collection of Donkey Coats and a listing of links to all the CC parts one will need to build their own donkeys.


That’s Sir Turtle’s giant butt photo-bombing the washroom pic. XD Greys Anatomy looks unusually tall here cause of the odd camera angle. He’s also since been resized a bit more to make him a proper ordinary donkey height. Cause I’m an OCD Perfectionist. 😛

Downloads Section Added with Goodies!

I’ve finally managed to put together a downloads section for sharing my own breed models, lots, toys and what not. Currently listed in the Breed Templates is a new Danish Warmblood breed template created just today.


Danish Warmblood Template

Available on the Lots page are two of my favorite lot creations: Skyborough Horse Park (40×40)


And then we have Stark Science Museum (40 x 40) for storing your collections and stuff. Of course, it got named after Howard and Tony Stark from the Marvel movies and TV shows. (I never read the comics, myself.) XD



All Horse Profiles Completed

Hurray! After several days of endless work in and outside of sims, the six profiles of the horses currently registered at Torch Light Stables are up and correctly assigned to their proper Renaissance categories. It took many long hours of editting, templating, posing the horses in numerous settings to get the right look. A ton of sliders got added along with a bunch more public CC horse coats, markings, poses, and furniture. Though the profiles still lack one or two bits of information, that which is missing will get added as soon as I am able.

Stay tuned as I’m working on several posts in the draft room that will announce estate expansions as well as introduce Photo Journal story blogging. The first will tell the story of a typical evening for Ember and Turtle here at Torch Light Stables.

Also, I will be working on finding a way to start adding some of my own custom-built lots and stuff to the site so that others may make use of my shareable stuff. I just have to learn which files to do what to on that one. lol Endless learning curves with all this Sims Equestrian stuff. XD But I love it else I wouldn’t be doing it.


Site Set-Up Begins

I’ve decided to go with WordPress as my engine of choice for this site as I find it to be the most versatile of Content Management and Blogging systems. I have used it for my main personal site for years. I thought, though, that it would probably be a good idea to set up a sub-domain and separate system for my Sims 3 craze.

I have yet to find a layout theme that I like so this one is going to be a boring stand-in for now until I find something better. Until I find that one theme better, I’ll just work on the content side of things here for a bit.

Site Builder & Behind-the-Scenes Role-Player,