Birchwood Castle

“Years ago, after discovering the Brightwood Tower estate in Fable 2, I found myself taking that castle and putting it together with a female Indiana–Jones character and her horse that I played in Dungeons and Dragons. I gave the name a little rub, and Birchwood stuck to Ember and Sir Turtle like the strongest super glue the world has ever seen.” ~Akatala


This small but handsome castle was in ruins when Ember Birchwood inherited it from her uncle along with the coffer of gold she had to dig up herself from its crumbling foundation. Having already started training and showing with her beloved farm cob, Sir Turtle, Ember decided to officially go into business as a horse Woman, training horses while competing with Sir Turtle. Later, she added archaeology adventures in Egypt to her resume and income pool. It took several years of hard work, but with the right people in town to help with the building and enough funding from her various adventures and the books she wrote about said adventures, she was able to start restoring the castle to it’s former glory.

Now, Ember lives in the castle while operating Torch Light Stables out of the renovated side-wing. Plans are now underway to purchase additional land to build more turn-out pasture, a training arena, a Renaissance sports arena, and a vineyard. The construction of all these new additions will take time to fund as well as build. At the current time, Ember is thinking about adding on two additional staff members to spread the workload out a bit more. Time will only tell what will happen next here at Birchwood Castle.