Archive | October 2015

A New Start to Life as Normal

Normal. What is normal in terms of how one lives life?


Luca rowsed slightly in the night to feel a peculiar sensation. For the first time since he could remember (well since he woke up after arriving here with no memories at all, that is), he didn’t feel chilled to the bone. For once, he actually felt.. warm. He felt so blissfully warm. He felt the warm arms of someone else around him. He didn’t know why, but this stuck him as odd and wonderful. To be held close and cared for, it was as if even his body didn’t remember feeling such a thing. It was enough to make himĀ want to forget whoever he had been. To turn his back on that old life and never go back. That person was dead and buried in the past. Whatever future he had, he never wanted to forget this feeling. He didn’t want to leave it. It was something precious to be protected. Savagely, if need be. He felt that down to his very soul. That finally he had something worth living for, worth dying to protect with all his might. Unused to such a feeling of peace, he let himself fall back to sleep enjoying this sensation–safe and warm in someone’s caring arms. This was Heaven.

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